Alia Bhatt’s Instagram is very relatable—and chock-full of health tips, motivating gym photos and scroll-stopping selfies. We performed a true deep-dive to cull out all the tips you can add into your own routines now. 

1) Finding the right light can totally change a photo

Bhatt proves that good light makes for a great photo, as she always picks a sun-drenched photo over a darker, over-filtered one to post on Instagram. Another must-have in all her photos? Luminous, lit-from-within-skin that doesn’t need layers of makeup. “I feel one’s skin is a reflection of what’s inside,” she shared in an interview with Vogue India. 

2) Contouring can be a game-changing makeup step

Bhatt usually sticks to a clean base, just using concealer or foundation to cover up any imperfections, but leaving the rest bare. But for special occasions, her makeup artist Puneet B Saini breaks out a contour kit, adding depth and definition to her face using bronzer and highlighter. “Give your face a slight contour, dust your cheeks with a soft pink blush, and use a soft, cool highlight on your cheekbones and the high points of your face,” shared Saini about her go-to technique.

3) Don’t forget to add mascara

Mascara can wake up the face like no other makeup product, opening up the eyes and making them look brighter. Saini likes to add mascara to Bhatt’s upper and lower lashes to exaggerate this effect further. “Curling your eyelashes definitely opens up your eyes and makes them look wider. Once you do that, make sure you apply loads of mascara,” she confirmed.

4) A pop of colour can totally change up your look

To shake things up, a bold lipstick shade, like Bhatt’s orange pick is key. For award shows and promotional events, Bhatt likes to match the eyeshadow shade to her lipstick to tie the whole look together—a great tip if you’re worried about going overboard with a bold eye and lip.

5) Knowing your ideal brow shape is important

Brows are the best beauty signature, and Bhatt leaves her untouched-looking. She sports lush eyebrows with a touch of asymmetry between both, proving that knowing the shape and texture that accentuates your face and features is key.

6) Rollers can be a safer way to add curls

Bhatt has put her hair through the wringer on set, with heat tools being a common addition to her routine. “I try to stay away from hair products when I’m not working to give my hair a break,” she confirmed in an interview. Rollers are able to help set the hair into voluminous waves without needing to use an ultra-hot curler. 

7) Fruits can be a great addition to your diet

While different diet ideologies have different outlooks to eating fruits, Bhatt is definitely in the ‘yes’ camp. She likes eating them whole rather than drinking them as juice: “I think juice detoxes are a myth because of the way that people drink it—gulping it all down without getting the quality and nutrients of the fruit,” she shared. Fruits are a great source of fibre and antioxidants, making them a must-have.

8) Knowing what works for you is a great first step

While figuring out what works for you requires trial and error, once you know what does, sticking to it is important. “I visited Viva Mayr, a detox spa retreat in Austria, where the idea is to have breakfast, lunch and a very light dinner before sunset, and keep a one or one-and-a-half hour gap between each meal. I follow a similar process back home,” she shared. “Part of their philosophy includes not drinking water directly before or after the meal, eating only detox-friendly things like underground foods (sweet potatoes and beetroots) and avoiding anything that causes acidity—basically, sticking to an alkaline diet.”

9) A good workout can be a great mood-booster

Bhatt has tried her hand at many workout styles throughout the years, but her love for exercising has only increased. “Stronger, fitter, better at burpees, much better at skips, much much better at push ups, obsessed with running, super obsessed with eating right,” she said of a workout challenge she recently completed. 

10) Maintaining your routine is important

For Bhatt, healthy living is a lifestyle, and she proved that with a photo of her doing an anti-gravity yoga class while on vacation. “Yes, we work out even on holiday,” she shared. 

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